There is a lot to find out about mushrooms.

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ID Class in St. Paul

Saint Paul Community Ed will be offering a class,”Getting to Know Minnesota mushrooms Mushrooms”. It will cover the Basics of mushroom ID, common edible and poisonous mushrooms and the importance of fungi to ecosystems and life on Planet Earth.


[PBMC has one one every foray <grin>]

Fungi in the BWCA

July is the month for mushrooms! Found lovely lobsters Hypomyces lactiflorus on the portage as well as many large chromefoot boletes Harrya chromapes, several queen bolete look-a-likes, bitter bolete, and lots of Russulas, Amanita muscaria and cf. bisporigera, Hygrocybe, red-lipped polypore, Laccaria cf. laccata, and other LBMs. –Gene

Can I Eat it?

Check out the new Comments on Edibility at the beginning of the Recipes page.

Newest recipe: Dryad’s Saddle with Fish Vera Cruz Style.

Where Can I Pick Mushrooms?

An informative article about this topic.

2018 Membership Is Due

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