There is a lot to find out about mushrooms.

  • Go on forays and meet with us; look at the Events page and foray preparation.
  • Find out who we are and what we do on the About page.
  • If you want to learn about identification of fungi check out the resources
  • Check out what’s ‘seasonable’ on the Recipes page.
  • For “How to Pick” info, look at the article Picking Mushrooms
  • For foray leaders you will want to review the checklist.
  • Visit the Blog including historical posts

Join us this Winter for an informative get together.

February 24th: John Lambrecht (Minnesota Mycological Society)
April 28th: Annual Meeting

See the Events page for more details.

Mushroom Identification and Food Safety Certification Course is March 4, 2017

This course is required for people who want to do commercial wild mushrooming and is run my Minnesota Mycological Society.  More info…

Can I Eat it?

Check out the new Comments on Edibility at the beginning of the Recipes page.

Mushrooms Could Repair Our Crumbling Infrastructure

Trichoderma reesei  may be able to repair cracks in concrete   (mentioned by Nadia P. Morales-Lizcano in the newsletter of the Mycological Society of Toronto).

2018 Membership Is Due

Print and send in the membership form and sit back as a member through the coming foray season.