Sept. 8, 2012 Coffee Pot Landing/LaSalle Lake State Park Foray

It’s been dry, so we didn’t find as many mushrooms as we would have hoped for during today’s foray.  About 20 of us gathered and Ray Newman described the areas most promising for finding mushrooms. The whole area had been very hard hit by the July 2 wind storm, and there were many trees blown down. Some places were still hard to get through.

There was a plan to cook some mushrooms after the foray. Luck came our way:  a woman who works at the state park,  learning of our search for mushrooms, told Ray she had seen a tree with some huge growths on a tree and didn’t know what they were.  When Ray asked if it was orange in color. Yes, she said.  He said they were sulfur shelf or chicken of he woods mushrooms, and invited her to get one from the tree and bring it over to Coffee Pot Landing.  Here’s what she and another person working at the state park brought:

Issac, youngest person on the foray, checks out a chicken of the woods mushroom.

After the group admired this windfall of mushrooms Paula Peters cut some up and John Mikesh cooked some with garlic, fresh ginger and olive oil.  The mushrooms were serve on on slices of a whole wheat sourdough baguette John had made.


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