Report on Sept. 7 Foray and Cooking Demonstration — Bemidji State Park

We had a very successful foray at Bemidji State Park, finding many varieties of mushrooms.


Paula Peters preparing people for the foray
A few of the mushrooms found


Kelly Larson did a fantastic cooking demonstration, preparing a three-course meal. The appetizer consisted of chanterelles sautéed with olive oil and minced shallots and run through a food processor with cream cheese and goat cheese, on crackers, some garnished with fig spread and mango chutney and some garnished with a slice of dried apricot.

Kelly Larson presenting her three-course meal plan
Kelly sauteeing chanterelles

The second course was a salad  consisting of sautéed lobster mushroom misd with sautéed grated kohlrabi, summer squash, chopped green onion and a little ginger.

Susan Tornanen and Rosa Stolzenberg grating kohlrabi

The third course was a soup made with hedgehog mushrooms, with leek, butter, wide Romano Beans (in particular, Dragon’s Tongue Heirloom beans), chicken stock, and oriental egg noodles.

Wouldn’t you like to try this appetizer?

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