Message from Audrey Kepp, President

Here is a message from our President.  Some highlights:

  • There will be no Fall Banquet.
  • There are plans to have annual “End-of-Season galas” in the future:  following the last foray of the season, a special  pot-luck.
  • Forays will be scheduled on Saturdays and will start at 10 AM.
  • First winter meeting will be Sat., January 9.


Paul Bunyan Mushroom club’s last foray of the season was at Bemidji State Park.  We had good weather, and in spite of recent dry weather, a fair assortment of fungi were gathered. We concluded the season with a potluck meal and social hour.

Your executive committee met and considered a few issues.  First, we have reluctantly abandoned the traditional fall Banquet.  The cost was just too prohibitive, and many members indicated that they would not want to pay close to $50 dollars a plate.  Everyone enjoyed our potluck so much that we decided to make that our end-of-season gala from now on.  It will be held in conjunction with our last foray of the year.  Everyone can choose to attend the foray, the potluck, or both.  Second, our meeting time and day will move to Saturdays at 10:00 A.M.  Some members had requested a later time, as several people have to come a long way.  Moving the meeting day to Saturday will make it possible for people with Sunday commitments to join the fun.  Of course we can still schedule forays at other times when appropriate.

Our first winter meeting will be January 9, 2016.  Paula Peters will host the meeting at her house.  Members will get an email with particulars in December.  There will be a general membership business meeting. We will set future meeting and Foray dates. We will also be looking at program topics for the winter meetings.  Please come prepared to share your ideas about programs, and you may offer additional agenda items.

We are celebrating a growing membership and an infusion of new blood.  I need to express my appreciation for the experience mushroom hunters among us who generously teach the rest of us.  I am also excited about the new members who add so much to our gatherings.  Thank you all.

Audrey Kepp, President

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