How to Foray in times of covid-19

It is possible to foray and stay healthy if some basic protective technique is used. Even if you’re a skeptic, please respect others sensitivities and health and follow these guidelines.

First off, if you have fever, sneezing, or dry cough for goodness sake Stay Home to prevent spreading it.

At the foray, keep an optimum six feet distance from others, at the gathering location, on the trail, and afterward. Wear a mask when around others. Even DIY cloth masks, can slow the spread of the virus. If you need to cough or sneeze (hey there are other reasons) do so in a tissue, handkerchief or into your elbow. Organizers will need to speak loud if people are farther apart. Talk often to keep groups together. Break into smaller groups and go different ways if possible.

Do not handle other people’s baskets, cameras, books, etc. Only touch a mushroom if you are going to take it. Use a stick to look at the gills, etc. This protects others who might be interested. If asking for ID or pointing out interesting mushrooms, do not handle other’s mushrooms unless with a separate glove (bring more than one pair) or sandwich bag over your hand. At the table after the foray, only set down mushrooms that you are going to leave behind. There will be the opportunity to learn the different types of mushrooms.

After the foray, we will use good technique to dispose of the leftover mushrooms, then spray disinfect the table and any gear that has been handled.

Sadly, potlucks are out for the duration of the virus risk. Do not share food, utensils, etc.

If you really want to take other’s mushrooms home, drop them in a paper bag, close it, then use hand covering at home to dry or microwave them. Freezing is not adequate to do in the coronavirus.

Scientific collections for mycoflora/funga should be (not) handled similarly with personal protection and dried as soon as possible.

See you in the woods!