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Sex, Death, and Mushrooms

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A Mushroomer’s Reward

Michigan’s Jim Provci recently asked for a member/artist to draw a logo for their hats for which “payment  for the artist will be–I will point and tell you—go that way & you MAY find mushrooms.”

Art Show at NAMA Foray

Call for Entries:  2017 Northwoods Mushroom Art Exhibit in conjunction with the North American Mycological Association’s 2017 Northwoods Foray held September 7-10, 2017  There is no cost to enter the exhibit and your work may be for sale at your option.  Digital images of your artwork will be juried for inclusion by members of the Minnesota Mycological Society.  Exhibit Dates:  4 August – 10 September 2017 Location:  Northwoods Resort, near Cable WI Sponsor:  Minnesota Mycological Society Artwork:  Botanical artists are invited to enter up to 3 original, two-dimensional paintings or drawings that reflect the rich tradition of botanical art and adhere to the high standards of botanical accuracy and skilled use of media.  Artwork is limited to two-dimensional original botanical art where the primary subject matter is/are mushroom(s).  Digital or photographic artwork will not be accepted.  Entry form and Images Due:  No later than Monday 17 July 2017  To receive a copy of the Call for Entry, Instructions & Entry Form contact Howard Goltz, Exhibit Facilitator at:  J_Goltz@msn.com  or call 952-944-5341.


Mushrooms A Very Efficient Food Source

A new sustainability study reveals a pound of fresh mushrooms requires 1.8 gallons of water, one kilowatt hour of energy, and generates only 0.7 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. The study found that the annual average yield of mushrooms is 7.1 pounds per square foot, meaning that up to 1 million pounds of mushrooms can be produced on just one acre.  The study, developed by the sustainability firm SureHarvest, examined production practices at 21 facilities across the country, according to the release. “SureHarvest’s two-year analysis concludes that the amount of natural resources and space required to grow mushrooms is remarkably low compared to the published data on other foods,” Jeff Dlott, president and chief executive officer of SureHarvest and chief researcher for the project, said in the release. “Mushrooms can now definitively be considered one of the most sustainably produced foods in the United States.”  – excerpted from IMA News April 2017


Bacon flavored Oyster Mushrooms?  Mushroom growing connoisseurs may be interested in an oyster mushroom for cultivation that tastes like bacon.  Credit to Nadia P. Morales-Lizcano of the Mycological Society of Toronto who has a great collection of notes in the Mycelium newsletter of MST.


Wear Orange: The IMA recently made a change in a foray start time. Two morel hunters in the past were shot by turkey hunters (more)  Turkey hunting stops at noon the day of the foray.



_____________News from around the Great Lakes Region


Sunday, 4 September   Annual show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens


The Hoosier club’s long term goal is to identify the fungi in Indiana. They currently have about 1,000 documented. President Stephen Russell is chair of NAMA’s mycoflora committee and will be at the foray in Cable WI this September.

Other events on the Hoosier website.


Sandy Sheine is NAMA Education committee chair and is requesting “suggestions for individuals or member clubs in your region to learn more about fungi.  I would like to list recommended books, online resources and videos that would be helpful  to your member s to learn about and to identify the fungi in your region.” Sounds like an idea for the website, a “learning bibliography.”

How to Hunt Mushrooms Course

Beginners course given by Sister Marie Kopin at the Roscommon Public Library on Thursday, August 10th at 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  “How to Hunt Mushrooms” will cover the basics of Identification, what to bring, and a review of basic books. There will be a follow-up foray at the Marl Lake parking lot of the South Higgin’s Lake State Park at 10:30 a.m. on Friday August 11th.  Call the Library at (989) 281-1305 to register as space may be limited.  Sister Marie ph (989-621-7940) for info.

Out-of-State memberships are very reasonable.

Minnesota:   MMS and PBMC

Out foraying….


Check out the recipe for roasted mushrooms!


Check out the 1895 article by Thomas Huxley in the Spring issue of Mycelium.


WMS Lectures

The Northwoods Foray in Hiles, WI was sold out. A great location in Nicollet Forest with lots of good walks, talks, and a nice dinner. MycoWiz  Tavis Lynch from Cumberland did a great table talk and presentation on poisonous mushrooms and shared his slide show (may be in the future for PBMC?). Think about this foray for next year.

Annual NAMA Foray Sept 7-10 near Cable, Wi.