Alan Bergo Presentation Helps Kick Off Lake Superior Mycological Society

Alan Bergo presenting

Fifty+ mushroom lovers descended on Lake Superior College (thanks for the nice facility!) for a presentation by Forager Chef, Alan Bergo. PBMC was well represented as well as Minnesota Mycological Society board members. This educational meeting was intended as a welcome and second kick-off for the LSMS to build a membership in northeast Minnesota. John Lamprecht spoke for MMS and Michael Blassey for PBMC.  And Larry Weber, author of Fascinating Fungi of the Northwoods made a cameo appearance and offered his well wishes.

Alan’s presentation included good comments on mushroom storage (don’t leave them in the frig too long, fresh or  cooked), and the wonderful news that he has found Mastutake (Tricholoma magnivelare) in northern Minnesota and how to find them, what to do with deliquescing shaggy manes (Coprinus comatatus), and served us several mushroom treats….yum!

Everyone had a good time together afterward, with talk of other joint events in the future. PBMC and MMS already have a reciprocity agreement to go on each others forays and expect we would be welcome at LSMS events.