Book Review: The Mushroom Hunter’s Kitchen by Chad Hyatt

Ready for the next step in mushroom cooking?  I met Chad at the Santa Cruz CA NAMA foray while he was writing this book. He is an accomplished chef and includes significant and helpful cooking information, like three methods of sauteing depending on the mushroom and condition, and what to do when you have too many good mushrooms with a good section on preservation.

He is an integral part of the California mushrooming scene and includes good info on mushrooming, also. Some of the recipes are specific to the west coast, but the methods travel well. He has a great way to make Lactarius and Russula good eating like salting….hadn’t considered that before, but I’m trying it out in a salad with sweet potato and radish.  Or how about chanterelle apricot chutney? There are recipes that would be part of fine dining and everyday dishes that would satisfy me.

All together this is a well thought out and professional addition to any cook or mushroomer’s library.

Available cheapest directly from Chad at The Mushroom Hunters Kitchen.