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PBMC & North Country Trails Joint Foray

Join us for this penultimate foray for the club.  Members have directions emailed to them already.

PBMC 2022 Annual Morel Foray

On May 21, 2022, twenty-four hardy souls braved the cold weather to seek out the elusive morel

mushroom. Thanks to special permission from the management of Concordia Language Villages, we were able to access the trails around Buck Lake. A few morels and false morels, along with devil’s urns, were gathered. More importantly, we all had fun and met new friends. Everyone is looking forward to our next foray.

Annual Meeting Summary

May 7th, 2022

We had great attendance with 21 present.  Minutes were read and approved as well as treasurer’s report.

Michael Blassey presented the plan for this summer’s 8 forays.   Directions will be emailed to members ahead of each Foray.

We discussed the pro’s and cons of becoming a chapter of the Minnesota Mycological Society. Those voting were in favor with abstentions. The online survey and emails had 18 in favor and 6 against. PBMC will become a chapter of MMS after our regular foray schedule this year.

Toby Lanum and Josh Collins volunteered to be the liaison and communication people for MMS.

Thank you to all who participated in this process and attended the meeting.
Paula Peters

Ed: The winner of the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook was Leah Grunzke.


Mushroom Speak?

“Researchers who tapped into the network that connects fungi say that its patterns of electrical signals resemble human speech. Previous studies have suggested that fungi use electrical signals to communicate and process information across tiny connective threads called mycelium. In the new study, researchers inserted tiny electrodes into substrates colonized by four species of fungi. They found that spikes of electrical activity often clustered into groups that resembled vocabularies of up to 50 words and could be similar to human language. But some researchers are sceptical. “The interpretation as language seems somewhat overenthusiastic, and would require far more research and testing of critical hypotheses before we see ‘Fungus’ on Google Translate,” says bioscientist Dan Bebber.”  [excerpted from Nature Reviews]

Other researchers have found a layer of polarized water around mycelium that rapidly conducts charge impulses.


The Splendid Table Does Mushrooms:  The Magnificent Mushroom

The January 21 public radio broadcast of the Splendid Table program featured Eugenia Bone, author of Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook and Dr. Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing  author of  The Mushroom at the End of the World


Looking At Lichens

Joe Walewski, naturalist and teacher at Wolf Ridge Nature Center gave a lichen talk recently to the Head of the Lake Master Naturalist group. It was great and they graciously allowed us to post it to our members. Joe is also the top contributor of observations to iNaturalist.org and is nationally known for his work with lichens including Lichens of the North Woods and an upcoming book.

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NAMA has an excellent series about Medicinal Mushrooms by Dianna Smith who is editor of the NAMA magazime McIllvania and former Mycophile newsletter editor. If you were wondering….

Scientific Research & Medicinal Fungi

and Medicinal Fungi: Hype & Hope and

finally Glass Half Full or Half Empty

* * *

Paul Bunyan Mushroom Club is an affiliate of the North American Mycological Society (NAMA) and you can download the NAMA Mycophile newsletter (current and past) on their publications page.

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Where Can I Pick Mushrooms?

An informative article about this topic (from another area).

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