Report on Sept. 17th Foray

Our September Foray was well attended with 21 participants!

We had some newer members as well, welcome to Gene and Jean, Sandy and Ray and Ray and Margo, Holly as well as David and Keith, Terry and Faith. It was also nice to see some previous members again.

It was a beautiful fall day with leaves just turning the vivid colors people drive long distances to see.

Sharon spotted a baby snapping turtle, and  also scared up a Ruffed grouse.

There were a lot of mushroom species found: Russula, Cortinarius, some Armilaria  ( Honey Mushroom), 3 kinds of Cantharellus, Lactarius, Suillus, Leccinum, Hygrocybe, Amanitas, Tricholomas, Pholiotas, Coprinus, Cortinarius, Polyporus, Hydnum, Lycoperdon (puffballs)and others.

Sharon and Doug Gilbertson shared some of the freshly grown Shitakes with the group, thank you!

Elizabeth was  on her way out when she “heard something calling to her from the woods”, she stopped the car, walked into the woods and spotted a  nice Griffola Frondosa (Hen of the woods).

She then generously shared with those of us who were lucky enough to be the last to go home!

All in all, it was a fun gathering and everyone learned something new.

Thanks to all for attending!

Paula Peters

9-17-16 foray David Baird photosPhotos by David Baird

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